From Circle Of The Crone

Name - Aspasia

Known Aliases - The Amazon

Clan - Admired by the Gangrel

Current Covenant - Carthian Movement

Bloodline - Kshatriyas

IC LiveJournal - luciac

Known Information - in 1968 or thereabouts, a minor scandal rocked the covenant in the United States as Aspasia, a highly visible member of the Crones and mentor to many, abandoned the covenant for the Carthians. Her conversion can be firmly pinned on one kindred, the persuasive and compelling neonate, Oliver Hurst, Prefect of Washington D.C.

The Amazon seems to be on generally good terms with her former Covenant and word has it she still holds true to her faith - rumored to be worship of the Greek Pantheon. But, she has chosen to forswear the magics and fellowship of the Acolytes in favor of the agendas of the Gangrel and the Carthians.

Aspasia's eldest son, Ricky, Prince of Detriot, is a practing Crone. Her closest associates within the covenant are Kato and Urvi.

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